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What sort of ammo does airsoft use? 
A 6mm plastic or biodegradable BB. They come in various weights from 0.12 to 0.43 grams, with 0.20 being the standard weight. They are also different colors, though mainly white or black are used.

What IS airsoft?

Airsoft is an individual or team oriented tactical combat sport, which involves the use of airsoft gun replicas, which mimic real world weapons in size, look and feel. Though the inner workings of a replica are completely different to conventional firearms (or real steel), the replicas can’t fire real ammunition because of their design. Even if someone can make one that can fire a bullet, the materials used in an airsoft replica are too weak to withstand the force of an exploding round and will rip it apart.

So how does airsoft send its projectile? 
Compressed air or gas. This is done by multiple means, but the most popular method uses a motorized gearbox that pulls a spring backed piston. Once the piston travels a certain length, the gearbox releases it and compressed air is generated. This airsoft replica is known as an Airsoft Electric Gun, or AEG. Because of the design of this whole apparatus, an AEG can fire single shot or full auto if so desired. 

How far can an airsoft BB travel?
CMA has seen BBs travel as far as 300 feet, with most AEGs ranging out at about 120 to 150ft.

How close to real steel do the airsoft replicas look? 
Very close. Airsoft replicas are almost a 1:1 copy of the real steel versions, even down to the manufacture logos. What sets them apart is when they are sold, a blazing orange tip is on the end of the barrel, as required by Federal Law. Additionally, the weight of the replicas are typically less than real steel.

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